Witness the exhilarating spectacle of a 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra unleashing its raw power on the dyno, generating a thunderous 500 HP

The Mustang SVT Cobra is an iconic performance car known for its powerful performance and aggressive styling. In this particular instance, a Mustang SVT Cobra is showcased in a dyno video where it unleashes an impressive 500 horsepower. The dyno test measures the power output of the car’s engine at the wheels, providing an accurate representation of its performance capabilities.

To achieve such a significant power increase, modifications have likely been made to the vehicle’s engine and supporting components. These modifications could include upgraded intake and exhaust systems, performance tuning, supercharger enhancements, and other engine modifications to enhance airflow and increase power output.

The intense sound and exhilarating performance exhibited during the dyno test highlight the Mustang SVT Cobra’s ability to deliver thrilling speed and acceleration. It’s a testament to the car’s engineering and the efforts of its owner in optimizing its performance.

Overall, witnessing a Mustang SVT Cobra reaching 500 horsepower on a dyno is an exciting display of automotive power and performance, showcasing the capabilities of this legendary muscle car.

Ford bid farewell to the New Edge Mustang Cobra in 2004, equipping it with a factory Eaton supercharger that produced a distinctive whine. These 2003-2004 models earned the moniker “Terminator” for their dominant power and performance, preceding the notorious Hellcat V8 by over a decade and establishing their supremacy in the muscle car realm.

In a recent dyno video by Chris Sullivan on YouTube, the Terminator Cobra showcases its power potential. While these Cobras are known for substantial engine modifications, this particular model impressively achieves 498 horsepower at the wheels with only a few minor bolt-ons. The stock supercharger, exhaust manifolds, camshafts, and intake remain unchanged.

However, a pulley swap increases boost pressure from 8 to 13 pounds, while an upgraded manifold-back exhaust system enhances engine breathing. Despite its age, this 20-year-old Mustang proves its prowess.

Taking into account an average driveline loss of 15 percent, the estimated engine output amounts to about 590 hp, surpassing Ford’s original stock rating of 390 hp from the past. It quickly became evident to Cobra owners that the supercharged 4.6-liter engine was underrated.

Hints from Ford’s former SVT team suggested a power potential of 425 hp when the Terminator was initially released, which aligns with typical wheel-horsepower ratings of around 370 from completely unmodified vehicles.

This particular Cobra holds exceptional significance. In addition to its limited production in 2004, with a total of only 3,768 units built, a mere 299 were adorned with the striking Screaming Yellow paint.

This color option was exclusive to the Cobra for a single year, though it was also available for the SVT Focus. Among the Terminator Mustangs, only the Competition Orange variant is scarcer.

In addition to their reputation for delivering impressive supercharged power during an era where 300 hp made headlines, all New Edge-era Cobras (1999-2004) introduced a groundbreaking feature to the long-standing pony car: independent rear suspension.

This marked a significant improvement in ride quality and handling characteristics for the aging fox platform, a advancement that wouldn’t be reintroduced to the Mustang until the launch of the sixth generation in 2015.

The amalgamation of power, performance, suspension, and rarity has propelled the 2003-2004 Cobras to attain the esteemed status of a legitimate modern classic. Acquiring a well-preserved, low-mileage specimen of these models today can easily command a price tag of $50,000.



Source : motor1.com

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