Wales commissioner calls for equal pay for carers and NHS workers

Wales’ older people’s commissioner emphasizes the need to provide equal pay for carers, aligning with those in comparable roles within the NHS, to promote the sustainability of social care.

Helena Herklots also stressed the urgency of improving terms and conditions in order to attract more people to the caregiving profession.

She has urged both the Welsh and UK governments to allocate funds for investment in social care.

In response, the Welsh government affirmed its commitment to enhancing working conditions and transforming caregiving into a more appealing career choice.

In November 2020, friends expressed worries regarding Robert Lumber, 74, as they hadn’t seen him in several days. Police discovered him unresponsive after forcibly entering his residence.

Unaware of his COVID-19 diagnosis or the events that transpired, he regained consciousness a month later at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil.

The hospital staff provided him with an explanation of the events and informed him that his house key was in the possession of the police in Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, nearby.

Due to his inadequate health condition preventing him from returning home, he relocated to Troedyrhiw Care Home in Mountain Ash, Rhondda Cynon Taf, after an extended hospital stay.

He expressed feeling a significant improvement, stating he felt “100% better,” and commended the quality of care he receives. He added, “If it weren’t for this care, I would likely have reverted back to my previous state, not taking care of myself as I should have.”

He expressed a sense of being “more contented” residing in the care home, finding joy in the activities and games they engage in. He firmly stated his intention to stay and expressed appreciation for the company, saying, “It’s nice to have people around.”

Emma Rosser, one of his carers, with over six years of experience at the care home, described her role as both rewarding and occasionally challenging.

Highlighting the disparity in appreciation between carers and NHS staff, she emphasized the need for equal pay for carers, aligning with those in comparable roles within the health service.

“We carry more significant responsibilities in comparison to individuals undertaking similar roles in the NHS,” she commented.




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