Sussex hospital faces patient diversion due to IT issues

Due to IT system and phone line issues on Saturday, a hospital had to redirect ambulance patients to alternative facilities.

The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton was unable to admit emergency patients overnight, according to its trust.

The trust urged patients to contact 999 only in case of a medical emergency.

The trust tweeted on Sunday that the Princes Royal Hospital in Brighton was also affected by the technical issues.

According to the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, patients, ambulance staff, and individuals working in neighboring hospitals may experience significant impact as a result of the situation.

According to a spokesman, the staff is implementing contingency plans to ensure the provision of safe and suitable care.

“We kindly request that all patients continue to make careful and appropriate choices when seeking services.”

In a recent incident, patients were diverted due to IT problems at a hospital in Sussex. The hospital faced technical issues affecting its IT systems and phone lines, which resulted in the redirection of ambulance patients to other medical facilities.

As a consequence, the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton was unable to admit emergency patients overnight, causing disruptions in patient care.

The University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, responsible for managing the hospital, alerted patients to only dial 999 in cases of medical emergencies.

This measure was taken to ensure that emergency services were available for critical situations during the IT-related challenges.

The technical issues not only impacted patients but also had implications for ambulance staff and employees working in neighboring hospitals.

The trust acknowledged that the situation could have a significant effect on all these individuals and emphasized the need for careful selection and appropriate utilization of healthcare services.

The trust’s spokesperson assured the public that the staff was actively working on contingency plans to maintain the delivery of safe and appropriate care despite the IT problems. These plans aimed to minimize the impact on patients and ensure that their healthcare needs were adequately addressed.

Efforts were underway to resolve the IT problems, and updates were shared by the trust via social media platforms to keep the public informed about the situation and any developments.

The trust acknowledged the inconvenience caused to patients and expressed gratitude for their understanding and cooperation during this challenging period.

Such incidents highlight the importance of robust IT systems in healthcare facilities and the need for contingency plans to address technical difficulties promptly. Ensuring the smooth operation of IT infrastructure is crucial for the effective delivery of healthcare services and the well-being of patients.





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