Peugeot can create a street-legal 9X8 hypercar if given a blank check

Initially, there was uncertainty regarding the requirement for street-legal counterparts under the Le Mans Hypercar regulations. This led to speculation that Peugeot might be obligated to offer the 9X8 with a license plate, but that turned out to be untrue.

The regulations allowed some flexibility for companies to capitalize on. In short, street cars were not obligatory, but there remains a possibility of a road-worthy 9X8 for those with substantial financial resources.

Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson revealed to Top Gear magazine that a street-legal version of the 9X8 is a potential possibility. However, the current focus of the hypercar’s development is not geared towards road use. To explore the option of a road car, interested individuals would need to provide Peugeot with an open-ended financial commitment.

Despite the enticing prospect of an electrified performance vehicle featuring the iconic lion badge, Peugeot has not received any inquiries regarding a road-going variant.

Transforming the track-oriented model into a street hypercar would fulfill Peugeot’s long-standing desire for a high-performance flagship. Throughout the years, the Stellantis brand has unveiled a series of impressive concept cars that, unfortunately, never made it into production.

From the remarkable mid-engined Quasar and 217-mph Oxia of the 1980s to the V12-powered 2004 907 and the diesel-electric 2012 Onyx, Peugeot has showcased several flagship concepts that remained as stunning showcars without further development.

Our previous rendering, created a few years ago, showcased the potential modifications required for the 9X8 to meet road homologation standards, envisioning a Peugeot equivalent to the impressive Valkyrie. Similarly, Toyota’s GR Super Sport hypercar, which is intended for street use and boasts over 1,000 horsepower, remains absent from the market, leaving us increasingly skeptical about its eventual arrival.

The reality is that establishing a viable business case for a hypercar within the mainstream brand segment is challenging, given that the luxury marques have already established a strong presence in that market segment.

The idea of giving Peugeot a blank check to build a street-legal 9X8 hypercar implies that the company has the capability to produce a road-going version of their track-oriented 9X8 hypercar. While the 9X8 hypercar is currently not being developed for road use, there is a possibility that a street-legal version could be created if the conditions are right.

However, it would require a significant financial commitment from interested individuals, as well as a strategic decision from Peugeot to shift their focus towards developing a road-worthy variant.

As of now, there haven’t been any specific inquiries or developments regarding a street-legal 9X8 hypercar, but the concept raises excitement and speculation about the potential for Peugeot to create a high-performance flagship model that can be driven on public streets.



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