NRMA Insurance impacted by NSW hail motor claims

NRMA Insurance experienced 36% of its autumn home claims nationally due to severe weather, while Queensland had its calmest autumn in over six years in terms of wild weather damage.

The insurer received a total of 10,151 wild weather claims across the country from March to May, which is less than half of the 25,000 weather claims received during the same period last year. This represents a 13% decrease compared to the 11,646 claims received during the preceding summer season.

NRMA Insurance stated that this year’s wild weather claims were significantly lower compared to the previous autumn, during which several regions on the east coast experienced their highest levels of rainfall ever recorded.

Out of the total, there were 4,673 home claims and 5,478 motor claims, accounting for 7% of all motor claims nationwide for NRMA Insurance. The majority of these claims were a result of hailstorms that occurred in NSW towards the end of last month.

According to NRMA Insurance Meteorologist Bruce Buckley, despite the anticipated warmer and drier conditions inland, the possibility of significant rainfall events, particularly East Coast lows, cannot be ruled out. These events can have a substantial impact due to the combined effects of strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Mr. Buckley stated that as we approach spring, the warm and dry conditions are expected to intensify, increasing the likelihood of multiple bushfire incidents.

In its Wild Weather Tracker, the brand owned by IAG highlights the quarterly impact of severe weather, providing a breakdown of wild weather claims by state for the period of March to May.

In NSW, severe weather accounted for 3,421 home claims, representing 44% of the total, compared to 22,405 claims or 85% in the previous year.

Additionally, there were 5,351 motor claims related to severe weather, which made up 9% of all motor claims during the autumn season in NSW, a decrease from 12,673 claims or 26% reported the previous year.

According to the Tracker, hailstorms had a significant impact on NSW during the autumn season, particularly affecting the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region. This area accounted for half of all wild weather claims in the state.

Moreover, motor claims resulting from the hailstorms were more than double the number recorded during the preceding summer season.

In Queensland, NRMA Insurance reported that 364 home claims, accounting for a quarter of the total, were attributed to severe weather during the autumn season. This is a decrease from 1,571 claims or 65% recorded in the previous year.

Additionally, there were only 71 motor weather claims reported for the same period.

NRMA Insurance stated that the number of claims during the autumn season was considerably lower compared to the summer, marking it as the calmest period for wild weather damage in over six years. The Gold Coast accounted for 12% of the claims, followed by the Sunshine Coast with 11%, Logan-Beaudesert with 7.5%, and Brisbane east with 7%.

In Western Australia (WA), 418 home claims, representing 23% of the total, were attributed to severe weather during the autumn season. This is a decrease from 611 claims or 42% reported in the previous year.

Additionally, there were only 14 motor claims related to severe weather in WA, compared to 908 claims recorded a year ago.

According to the Tracker, Western Australia (WA) encountered severe weather during this season, including the impact of Tropical Cyclone Ilsa, which made landfall on the east Pilbara coast as a category five cyclone in April.

However, NRMA Insurance received only a minimal number of claims related to this event. Additionally, Perth was significantly affected by storms and heavy rainfall towards the end of May.

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), there were 184 home claims and 16 motor claims attributed to severe weather. Similarly, in South Australia (SA), the figures stood at 273 home claims and 20 motor claims related to severe weather.

NRMA Insurance reported that wild weather accounted for nearly a third of all home claims in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) during the autumn season. The suburbs of Kaleen, Kambah, and Nicholls were identified as the most severely affected areas.

According to NRMA Insurance, wild weather was responsible for almost a quarter of all home claims in South Australia (SA) during the autumn season. The Adelaide Central and Hills region experienced the highest impact, accounting for over a third of all claims reported.

NRMA Insurance and the Australian Red Cross have collaborated to introduce the Get Prepared app, aiming to simplify the process of creating an all-hazards emergency plan for households.

This app enables individuals to conveniently store essential information such as contacts, meeting places, and important documents, ensuring easy access during emergencies.

Luke Gallagher, Executive GM Direct Claims, emphasized the importance of preparedness for wild weather during the upcoming winter season, considering the projected warmer than average temperatures and the potential risks of a hazardous bushfire season. He urged individuals to take proactive measures to ensure their readiness and safety.



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