Newcastle container leisure venue to launch

Newcastle is getting a new leisure venue constructed from shipping containers, which will open on May 26, 2023, behind Grey Street. The complex is called Frate, and it has been developed by Robert Clarkson and Tom Byron, who also own Pumphreys Coffee and other businesses in the northeast.

Frate has been built by repurposing recycled cargo containers into street food stalls and bars over two stories, and it will bring together “the best of local and independent food, drink, art and music,” creating approximately 35 jobs.

Additionally, it will host various pop-up events such as fairs, fitness sessions, and an open-air cinema. The Newcastle City Council approved plans for the outdoor venue last year, and it is expected to add to the city’s already diverse cultural, leisure, and entertainment offerings.

After the approval of plans for a permanent site, a new leisure venue made from shipping containers will be opening in Newcastle.

Frate, a brand new complex, will open on May 26th behind Grey Street, bringing together the best of local and independent food, drink, art, and music. The development is expected to create about 35 employment opportunities.

In addition, it will host temporary events such as fairs, fitness sessions, and an open-air cinema. The proposals for the al fresco location were greenlit by the Newcastle City Council in the previous year.

Nearly a year ago, Stack Newcastle, the entertainment facility built from shipping containers, shut down to pave the way for new government offices.

After objections from neighboring businesses, proposals to temporarily revive the previous venue located on Pilgrim Street behind Central Station were abandoned in November, resulting in the dismantling of the structure.

Frate has been built by transforming recycled cargo containers into two-story street food stalls and bars.

The co-owners of several businesses in the northeast, such as Pumphreys Coffee, Robert Clarkson, and Tom Byron, collaborated on developing the proposals.

Mr. Clarkson’s aim with Frate was to create a unique experience that contributes to Newcastle’s thriving hospitality industry, rather than just another typical outdoor location.

Additionally, he believes that Frate will increase the liveliness of Newcastle and provide regional businesses and artists with a platform to showcase their talents, which will aid in their development and success.

According to a spokesperson for the council, container-style developers have been very well-liked in the city, stating that “they contribute an additional dimension to the city’s wide-ranging cultural, leisure, and entertainment offerings.”


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