Mercedes-Benz EQG, the new electric SUV, was recently captured in a spy video, showcasing its distinct boxy design

Despite more than six months passing since our last ride in the electric Mercedes-Benz EQG, we still eagerly await its official debut, which is expected before the year’s end.

However, a recent video reveals that the highly anticipated model is still undergoing testing, as it is seen covered in a full-body camouflage wrap.

Despite Mercedes’ attempts to conceal certain styling details with coverings, the distinct boxy design that has been a signature of the EQG model since its inception remains evident.

Drawing inspiration from the EQG Concept showcased at the 2021 Munich Motor Show, the electrified G-Class will likely stay true to the overall styling of the concept in its production version.

Although the video does not provide a clear view of the cabin, if the concept is any indication, the interior of the EQG is expected to be identical to the current production G-Class. During our ride-along last year, Mercedes kept the interior covered, suggesting that it remained unchanged.

The G-Class interior typically features twin 12.3-inch displays that serve as both the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment screen.

The EQG will maintain its traditional ladder-frame chassis, equipped with four electric motors to power all the wheels. While the exact power output of the powertrain remains unknown, estimates place it between 600 and 670 horsepower. The battery size that will fuel the EQG is also uncertain, but there are rumors indicating a potential range of up to 310 miles for the model.

Mercedes is set to incorporate Sila Nanotechnologies’ innovative range-boosting technology in their vehicles. The battery material, known as Titan Silicon, offers a remarkable 20 percent increase in range while also enhancing charging speeds. Sila Nanotechnologies has ambitious goals, aiming to provide battery technology for one million electric vehicles by 2028.

Before the year’s end, we can expect the unveiling of the new EQG. Additionally, Mercedes plans to introduce an updated version of the gasoline-powered G-Class, which will likely feature shared fresh styling elements both internally and externally between the two variants.

There have been indications that Mercedes may not use the EQG name for the electric G-Wagen.

According to a report earlier this year, the company is considering phasing out the EQ branding entirely, with the electrified G-Class being the first model to make this transition.

As electric vehicles become the core product lineup for Mercedes, they will no longer be treated as a sub-brand. However, Mercedes intends to retain the EQ branding for other products and services, such as its EV charging network.

While the exact debut date for the EQG has not been announced by the automaker, it is anticipated to occur before the end of this year. However, the model is not expected to be available for purchase until late 2024, with potential delays in US sales starting even later.



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