Leeds hospital to upgrade facilities to address backlog in operations

Leeds hospital upgrades are being planned to address the operations backlog in the National Health Service (NHS). The expansion plans involve two hospitals in Leeds: Chapel Allerton Hospital and Wharfedale Hospital in Otley. The proposal, subject to planning permission, includes the addition of facilities such as new operating theatres, a recovery area, and admissions and discharge areas.

The objective of these upgrades is to increase the capacity for non-emergency surgeries, which will help alleviate the strain on the healthcare system. Currently, the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) has a substantial backlog of patients awaiting treatment, with around 90,000 patients on the waiting list, as reported by NHS Digital.

The chief executive of LTHT, Phil Wood, expressed confidence that the expansion plans would contribute to reducing the waiting list. The proposed development at Chapel Allerton and Wharfedale Hospital is expected to provide additional operating theatre capacity, thereby improving the backlog position.

The cost of the project at Wharfedale Hospital alone is estimated to be £10 million. The construction of an elective care hub at the site is part of the plans. The completion of the upgrades is anticipated to take place in 2024.

Two Leeds hospitals are set to undergo expansion plans in order to address the operations backlog within the NHS.

During a council meeting on Tuesday, it was revealed that Chapel Allerton Hospital and Wharfedale Hospital in Otley could potentially see the addition of extra facilities.

Pending approval from the planning authorities, the proposed plan for Wharfedale Hospital includes the construction of two new operating theatres, a dedicated recovery area, and an admissions and discharge area.

The expansion plans aim to facilitate an increase in non-emergency surgeries, addressing the backlog of patients awaiting treatment. According to NHS Digital data, approximately 90,000 patients are currently on the waiting list for treatment at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT), as reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

By the end of April, approximately 63% of patients in need of treatment had been waiting for 18 weeks or longer.

According to LTHT Chief Executive Phil Wood, the proposed expansion plans would aid in reducing the waiting list.

During a meeting of Leeds City Council’s health scrutiny board, LTHT Chief Executive Phil Wood stated, “We are currently in the planning stage for the expansion projects at Chapel Allerton and Wharfedale Hospital, which will be developed over the next year to increase operating theatre capacity in those areas of the city. This will enable us to make improvements in addressing our backlog.”

The trust has estimated that the plans for Wharfedale Hospital would require a £10 million investment and involve the construction of an elective care hub at the location. The completion of the project is anticipated by 2024.



Source : bbc.com

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