Lamborghini's strong financial position enables independent development of the Huracan's successor, eliminating the need for collaboration with the Audi R8

Lamborghini’s decision to collaborate with Audi on the Gallardo and Huracan models was driven by the financial risks associated with investing heavily in a niche product.

However, with Audi’s decision not to continue the R8 line, Lamborghini has confirmed the introduction of a new smaller model in 2024. In a recent interview with Drive, a senior executive shed light on how Lamborghini will make this possible.

Francesco Scardaoni, the director for the Asia-Pacific region, disclosed that the upcoming replacement for the Huracan will be developed solely by Lamborghini, thanks to several profitable years.

The company’s remarkable success can be largely attributed to the immense popularity of its Urus SUV, even though purists may view it as a necessary compromise. In 2022, Lamborghini achieved its highest-ever turnover of €2.38 billion, with an operating margin of 25.9 percent.

The brand recorded an operating income of €614 million, while deliveries reached a record-breaking 9,233 units, including 5,367 units of the Urus.

According to Scardaoni, Lamborghini’s decision to proceed without a mechanically related Audi R8 allows them the freedom to create the Huracan successor as a unique and uncompromised product.

The supercar will be built on a brand-new platform specifically developed for this purpose, although the possibility of sharing it with other Volkswagen Group members has not been ruled out by the executive. However, initially, only Lamborghini will have exclusive access to this hardware.

The availability of the Huracan has ceased, as it is no longer possible to place orders for the supercar. Production is sold out until the following year, marking its retirement.

While Lamborghini has been secretive about its successor, some details have emerged. The forthcoming model will embrace downsizing, transitioning from the naturally aspirated V10 to a smaller plug-in hybrid system, expected to feature a twin-turbo V8 as its core component.

Lamborghini has confirmed that the upcoming model will utilize the same eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission as the Revuelto. According to a report, the turbochargers will engage at 7,000 rpm, and the electric motor will be positioned between the V8 engine and the DCT transmission.

The decision to adopt a hybrid approach is driven by the need to comply with more stringent emissions regulations, even for a brand like Lamborghini.

Like the Revuelto, the Urus will also receive a plug-in hybrid variant next year, as evidenced by spy shots capturing prototypes during testing.

Furthermore, Lamborghini has plans to introduce a purely electric model, anticipated to be a 2+2 grand tourer, around 2028. This will mark the brand’s first foray into fully electric vehicles.



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