Insurtech Australia expands membership and welcomes a new partner

Insurtech Australia (IA) has recently expanded its network by welcoming new members and establishing a new partnership. The organization added two new members, API Integrations and Data Sagacity, both based in Adelaide. API Integrations specializes in creating custom dashboards to provide real-time visibility into key metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making. Data Sagacity, founded by Cameron Wells, empowers clients to leverage the potential of data through its team of data scientists.

Additionally, IA has partnered with SKL Technology, a specialized recruitment firm in data and analytics for the insurance, consulting, and government sectors. SKL Technology is supported by SKL Group, known for its expertise in actuarial executive search services.

Together, IA and its new members and partner aim to foster innovation and collaboration within the insurtech industry in Australia.

Insurtech Australia (IA) has announced the addition of new members API Integrations and Data Sagacity, both based in Adelaide. Additionally, they have partnered with SKL Technology, a specialized recruitment firm.

API Integrations, a consulting firm established in 2021, focuses on developing customized dashboards to enhance insights. Their services aim to offer real-time visibility into essential metrics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions swiftly and effortlessly.

Cameron Wells, the co-founder of API Integrations, is also the founder of Data Sagacity, an information management solution provider established two years ago. Data Sagacity is equipped with a team of data scientists and strives to empower its clients in harnessing the full power and potential of data.

Data Sagacity states that they cater to companies that prioritize data insight, security, connectivity, and performance.

Data Sagacity emphasizes their ability to transform traditional dashboards into rich insights that go beyond the conventional data ecosystem. They enable businesses to identify new opportunities and embark on new ventures with confidence.

SKL Technology, the partner of Insurtech Australia (IA), specializes in data and analytics recruitment within the insurance, consulting, and government sectors. Supported by SKL Group, a provider of actuarial executive search services, SKL Technology focuses on delivering top talent in the field of data and analytics.



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