Graduated university students in Wales express feelings of isolation

According to psychologist Dr. Nia Williams, many students are frequently informed that their university days are the most enjoyable period of their lives. However, upon graduating, a phenomenon known as the “post-university blues” can cause some students to experience anxiety about the future.

Mind, a mental health charity, advised students to refrain from placing excessive pressure on themselves upon completing their university education.

Charlotte Jennings, a 24-year-old who graduated from Bangor University in 2021, expressed that the most challenging aspect of leaving university was the dissolution of the community she had invested three years in building.

“It’s an often-overlooked experience of loneliness that needs more attention. When you go to university, it’s typically the first time you’re away from home, and you expect to have a fantastic time.

“However, once you’re back to square one, you start wondering, ‘What do I do now?’ Without a clear direction, I felt incredibly lost.”

She further added, “During your time at university, you walk down the street and easily spot 10 familiar faces.”

“You never truly comprehend the extent of that change and the profound sense of isolation that accompanies the transition from being a student.”

Annie Smith, a 23-year-old from Tennessee in the United States, completed her studies at Cardiff University earlier this year.

Her visa is set to expire at the end of January, and she has submitted an application for a two-year graduate visa to extend her stay in the UK while she searches for employment.

She shared, “Initially, leaving university felt incredibly liberating, with the absence of deadlines and the freedom to do as you please.”

“But after a few weeks, reality starts to sink in. If you haven’t secured a job yet, you begin to feel like somewhat of an imposter.”

She commented, “Overall, I believe a significant part of it stems from comparing yourself to your peers and thinking, ‘I must be doing something wrong because they already have a job.'”

“So, on one hand, I have recently completed university, but there are individuals from my course who have been employed for over two months now.”

“They are making remarkable progress and already appear to be quite successful. I, on the other hand, feel somewhat like a failure.” Annie emphasized the need for universities to offer additional alumni support to students.



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