Auckland to host first Trans-Tasman financial services summit

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and serves as its commercial, cultural, and economic hub. Located in the North Island of the country, Auckland is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including harbors, beaches, and volcanic cones.

It is a diverse and vibrant city with a multicultural population. Auckland offers a range of attractions, such as the Sky Tower, Auckland Domain, Waiheke Island, and the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It is also a major center for business, education, and tourism in New Zealand.

Auckland chosen as host for inaugural Trans-Tasman financial services summit in the coming year.

Organized by the Financial Services Councils (FSCs) of Australia and New Zealand, the inaugural Trans-Tasman financial services summit will be held in Auckland from March 5-7.

“The FSC regional summit will represent a significant advancement in the organization of collaborative industry events within the financial services sector,” commented Blake Briggs, CEO of FSC Australia.

He highlighted that the summit would provide a platform for industry leaders to connect and collaborate on a regional level, specifically benefiting organizations and service providers with a global presence operating in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The program for the summit is currently in the works, being organized by the members of the associations. As the event approaches, announcements about the speakers, which will include political, regulatory, and industry-leading figures, will be shared.

“The Strategic Leaders Summit will cover a wide range of sectors represented by our associations, including superannuation and Kiwisaver, funds management, insurance, and financial advice. It will also involve the participation of regulators and political leaders from the region in the discussions,” said Richard Klipin, CEO of FSC New Zealand.

The inaugural Trans-Tasman financial services summit is set to be hosted in Auckland. The event, organized by the Financial Services Councils (FSCs) of Australia and New Zealand, will take place from March 5-7.

It aims to bring together industry leaders from the financial services sector, providing them with a platform to network, collaborate, and share insights. The summit will cover various sectors such as superannuation, funds management, insurance, and financial advice, with a focus on fostering regional cooperation.

Speaker announcements and program details will be shared in the lead-up to the event.


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