Alpine to independently develop EV sports car platform following split from Lotus.

Alpine, a French automotive brand owned by Renault Group, has decided to independently develop an electric vehicle (EV) sports car platform after ending its partnership with Lotus. Previously, Alpine and Lotus had joined forces to collaborate on a shared EV sports car platform, but the two companies decided to cancel their partnership on friendly terms.

Following the split, Alpine made the strategic decision to proceed with developing its own EV platform in-house. This move allows Alpine to have full control over the development process and avoid sharing expenses with another company.

Developing a new platform from scratch can be a costly endeavor, but Alpine is determined to pursue its vision for a performance EV.

The CEO of Renault Group, Luca de Meo, confirmed Alpine’s decision to build its own EV platform during the public debut of the Renault Rafale in Paris. De Meo mentioned that Alpine will not only develop a single product but also plans to create multiple models based on the new EV architecture.

While Alpine initially intended to launch the electric sports car in 2026, it remains uncertain if the change in strategy will impact the timeline for its release. More details about Alpine’s EV plans and the upcoming models will be disclosed during an investor day meeting on June 26.

Despite parting ways with Lotus, de Meo emphasized that there are still possibilities for future cooperation between the two companies. The separation was amicable, and there were no hard feelings. Both Alpine and Lotus may explore potential collaborations down the line, indicating a positive outlook for future joint ventures.

Alpine and Lotus ended their partnership on an electric sports car platform amicably in May. While initial speculations suggested it might halt Alpine’s performance EV plans, the Renault-owned brand will now proceed with developing its independent electric architecture.

During the Renault Rafale’s public debut in Paris, Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo confirmed that Alpine will develop its own in-house electric platform.

Speaking to media representatives at the Paris air show, de Meo stated, “We had a long discussion and finally decided to build our own platform.” Further details about Alpine’s EV plans will be disclosed during an investor day meeting on June 26.

Nevertheless, de Meo additionally confirmed that the new EV architecture will serve as the foundation for multiple products, a logical decision given the significant expenses involved in independently developing a new platform.

While Alpine initially aimed to release the electric sports car in 2026, it remains uncertain if the strategic shift will lead to a launch delay.

To recap, Alpine and Lotus formed a partnership in 2021 with the aim of jointly developing an electric sports car. However, Lotus chose not to proceed with the project, leaving the door open for potential future collaboration.

Meanwhile, Alpine is set to transition into an all-electric automaker in the coming years and has plans to introduce five new models within the next five years.

During his interview with Autocar, de Meo assured that Alpine and Lotus ended their partnership amicably. He stated, “There was no friction with the thing because everybody was feeling like this was the best thing.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have opportunities to work together again.” Renault Group’s CEO hinted at the possibility of future cooperation between the two companies, indicating a positive outlook on potential collaborations.



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