A Honda-swapped Ferrari 308 achieved a flying lap in its debut at Buttonwillow

Opinions on a Ferrari with a Honda engine swap can be polarizing. Regardless of the impressive features like a turbocharged 1,000-horsepower engine and a visually stunning design achieved after over two years of work, individuals will either appreciate it or consider it sacrilege.

The car in question, created by Mike from StanceWorks, is a remarkable transformation. Dissatisfied with the Ferrari 308 GTBi, which he deemed “underpowered, overweight, and overpriced,” Mike embarked on a mission to enhance its performance.

Utilizing a turbocharged Honda K24 as the starting point, he meticulously fabricated various components of the Ferrari, such as oil lines for the dry sump and cooling systems.

Mike’s objective was to construct a Ferrari Time Attack car. Time Attack events, originating in Japan, resemble autocross but involve completing five laps on a race course at considerably higher speeds.

It can be likened to a track day event where the ultimate victor is determined by achieving the quickest lap time.

With its purposeful design featuring flared fenders, a prominent front air dam, side skirts, and a substantial rear wing, the Honda-powered Ferrari 308 GTB exudes a captivating presence. Weighing in at 2,600 pounds, the vehicle incorporates a complete race cage and essential safety equipment. Operating at low boost, the engine delivers an impressive 640 horsepower to the rear wheels.

Undoubtedly, this meticulously crafted car garners admiration even from the most devoted Ferrari enthusiasts.

How does the car perform on the track? Following a series of warm-up laps to reach optimal operating temperature and provide Mike with ample time to acclimate, it was time to unleash its speed.

When pushed to its limits, the Honda engine emits a ferocious, unfiltered roar reminiscent of a turbocharged S2000.

During the Buttonwillow track session, the car exhibited potential for lap times around the 1:58 mark before encountering an issue that resulted in a loss of engine power.

Fortunately, the only issue encountered was a loose HD clamp. This clamp plays a crucial role in building boost and maintaining manifold pressure, withstanding pressures of up to 800 psi. While a spare clamp was not readily available, the StanceWorks team had to conclude their activities for the day but eagerly anticipates their prompt return to the track.

In its maiden outing at Buttonwillow, a Honda-swapped Ferrari 308 demonstrated its capabilities by achieving an impressive flying lap. This unique modification involved replacing the original Ferrari engine with a Honda powerplant, resulting in a distinct blend of performance and engineering.

The car, meticulously crafted by Mike from StanceWorks, featured various enhancements such as flared fenders, a deep front air dam, side skirts, and a substantial rear wing, contributing to its purposeful appearance.

After a series of warm-up laps to bring the vehicle to optimal operating temperature and allow Mike to familiarize himself with the car, the time came to push its limits.

With the Honda engine in full force, its distinct sound echoed on the track, reminiscent of an aggressive, unmuffled turbocharged S2000. The car showcased its potential by clocking lap times in the range of 1:58 at Buttonwillow, demonstrating its speed and agility.

Despite encountering a minor setback caused by a loose HD clamp, which affected the engine’s performance by reducing boost and manifold pressure, the outing proved the remarkable capabilities of this Honda-swapped Ferrari 308.

While the StanceWorks crew had to conclude their day due to the unavailability of a spare clamp, they eagerly look forward to returning to the track and further showcasing the car’s potential in future outings.



Source : motor1.com

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